Inter Partes Mediation, a new company with registered experts in mediation.

There is a legal alternative to expensive judicial procedures for conflict resolution: mediation. Inter Partes assembles six experts in various domains spread over Flanders and Brussels, and supports conflicting parties with the mediation methodology.

What is mediation exactly?

Rather than submitting conflicts at a judge, parties in a conflict tend to appeal on an alternative dispute resolution by mediation. The increasing success of the mediation methodology has several reasons: the parties keep the solution of the conflict in own hands; the parties are not confronted with a many years’ procedure and uncertain outcome; also the cost factor is important, at the end a negotiated and mediated solution is many times less expensive than a judicial procedure.

Who are the partners of Inter Partes Mediation?

To anticipate the increased demand for professional mediation, the founders Jean-Pierre Rammant, Gert Engelen, Griet Carlier, Gert Rydant, Eva Vandendriessche and Dirk Bottelier have joined forces by the creation of a new association named Inter Partes Mediation. In view of the diverse background and professional experience with a mix of lawyers, a financial expert and an engineer, Inter Partes Mediation has the power to offer high quality mediation in a variety of domains. Not only the interdisciplinary set-up is clearly distinguishable, yet also their transparent price-fixing which is based on a calculator, detailed at the start of each mediation. In addition Inter Partes Mediation is active all over the Flanders Region, in Brussels and internationally, which underlines the unique character.

Inter Partes Mediation: The shortest way from conflict to solution via the art of mediation!

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