What is „Mediation“?

The mediator creates the framework that enables the parties to enter a solution oriented dialogue. The mediator secures the structure of the discussion to that the parties resolve together the conflict.

For lawyers mediation is an extra opportunity to assist their clients.


  • Each mediation is voluntary, also the legal mediations.
  • Each party can at each moment leave the negotiationtable without any harm for his position.


  • The parties must cooperate in a constructive way towards a solution.
  • If the mediator is confronted with any party opposed to the mediation, he can stop immediately the mediation.


  • Any detail that comes up during the mediation process is confidential and cannot be used in eventual later legal procedures. This guarantees great flexibility.
  • Existing documents preceding the mediation remain confidential.

Independent, impartial and neutral mediator

  • The mediator may not be influenced by the participants or third parties.
  • The mediator has no judgment or preference towards any party.
  • The mediator is not steering the solution, yet actively supports the parties towards a solution.

Why mediation?

Conflict solution in own hands

  • By choosing mediation the conflicting parties keepsthe solution in own hands and are not depending on an external judgment (Judge).
  • It creates alarge acceptance of the solution and an unprompted execution of the agreement.

Legally enforced

  • Once a mediated agreement is reached between the parties, a formal settlement is signed by all, including the mediator.
  • A simple legal procedure this settlement is converted into an enforceable title.

Cost and time efficient

  • In a classical judicial procedure the parties have no clear view on the final cost and timetable. which may last many years. A mediation process takes maximum a few months, with a cost significantly less compared with a legal case, also split between the parties.

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