How is Inter Partes founded?

Inter Partes started in 2016 out of a shared strong conviction that most of the law cases can be solved faster, more efficient and at a lesser cost if the mediation techniques are applied. Six registered mediators with a different professional background decided to associate themselves under the name Inter Partes Mediation, a team of mediators offering optional co-mediation.

What makes Inter Partes unique?

‘Expertise’ and ‘multidisciplinarity’ are the basis of the association. Inter Partes Mediation consists of 6 registered mediators who take continuously training in the field of mediation.  From the large spectrum of competence,we are able to propose the right mediator for each specific conflict.

Multidisciplinary expertise.

Civil cases
  • Building conflicts
  • Liability issues
  • Rent / lease conflicts
  • Insurance conflicts
  • Property conflicts, neighbors
  • Usufruct of properties
  • Claim on assets
Business cases
  • Mergers, acquisitions, valuations, share transfer
  • Reorganization, restructuring
  • Bank & Money issues
Family conflicts
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance, legacies
  • Allowances
  • Split residences
Inter Partes Mediation

Inter Partes Mediation presence in Flanders & Brussels

  • Registered Mediators spread over Flanders;
  • Focus on mediation only with optional co-mediation;
  • A team of six mediators surpasses six individuals;
  • Fixed price calculator;
  • Inter Partes is a trustful brand.

Inter Partes Mediation has Offices in Brussels, Leuven, Dessel, Gentbrugge, Hasselt, Tongeren and Wemmel.

Administrative office:
Inter Partes Mediation,
Gouv. Roppesingel 15 Bus 1.1,
B 3500 Hasselt.

Inter Partes